County Board of Road Commissioners

The five person Board is appointed by the Kent County Board of Commissioners and provides the organizational direction and policy guidance for the Road Commission. The Board meets at 1500 Scribner Avenue NW. Grand Rapids, Michigan on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month beginning at 8 a.m. Contact form

Mark E. Rambo, Chairman 
Term Expires 2017 
David M. Groenleer, Vice Chairman 
Term Expires 2016 
Patrick G. Malone, Commissioner 
Term Expires 2018 
David Morren, Commissioner 
Term Expires 2019 
Cynthia Porter Janes, Commissioner 
Term Expires 2020 
Managing Director 
Executive Secretary 
Road Maintenance Division

The Kent County Road Commission is responsible for the maintenance of County primary roads, local roads, and the State Trunklines. Primary roads such as West River Road, Lincoln Lake Avenue, Patterson Avenue, and 84th Street, are shown in green on the County map. The type of work performed is very similar to those performed f or the Michigan Department of Transportation on the State trunklines. Reconstruction, overlay, and bridge replacement projects are handled by the Road Commission Engineering Division, normally by contract with private companies although the Maintenance Division may do smaller projects. The local road system is shown in solid black or two thin black lines in the case of gravel roads on the County map. The Road Commission and the Townships have worked cooperatively over the years to upgrade the gravel roads on the local system. In order to have a balanced workload between winter and summer, the Road Commission performs local road construction to prepare the roads for contract paving. The Kent County Road Commission Maintenance Division is also responsible for maintaining most State highways in Kent County under a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation. These roads are shown in red on the County map. Examples of these roads include I-96, I-196, US-131, M-6, M-37, M-46, and M-50. Types of work performed include plowing snow, patching holes, mowing the roadside, ditch cleanout, sweeping, guardrail repair, and some joint repair on concrete pavement. Contact form

Deputy Managing Director - Operations
Steve Roon 
Assistant Director for Maintenance 
General Maintenance Information  
North Complex Superintendent 
616-696-3160 or 616-242-6969 
Central Complex Superintendent 
South Complex Superintendent 
Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for the design and construction engineering of all County road and bridge projects on the County primary system (green routes on the county map), and they assist other Divisions in providing engineering expertise and assistance. The Division is also responsible for department-wide contract administration, soil erosion control, right-of-way acquisition, subdivision control, the issuance and inspection of all permitted activities within the County road right-of-ways, commercial driveways, and the County Road Map. (616) 242-6910

Deputy Managing Director - Engineering
616-242-6901 ext 6914 
Assistant Director of Engineering 
616-242-6901 ext 6981 
Engineer of Maintenance and Local Construction 
616-242-6901 ext 6917 
Administrative Assistant 
616-242-6901 ext 6910 
Public Plats  
616-242-6901 ext 6911 
Commercial Drives & Private Street Approaches 
616-242-6901 ext 6913 
Transportation Planner 
616-242-6901 ext 6948 
Permit Office 
L. R. Cole
SR/WA Right of Way Office
Traffic and Safety Division

The responsibilities of the Traffic and Safety Division include traffic controls and property damage claims. Traffic controls include signing, signals, and pavement markings. The Safety Division also investigates unauthorized activities and encroachments in the right-of-way. Property damage claims should be directed to the Safety Division for investigation. Contact the Traffic & Safety Department at (616) 242-6923.
Contact form

Director of Traffic and Safety 
616-242-6901 ext 6936
Assistant Director of Traffic and Safety 
616-242-6901 ext 6922 
Administrative Assistant for Safety 
616-242-6901 ext 6924 
Sign Shop Foreman  
616-242-6901 ext 6929 
Equipment and Building Division

The responsibility of the Equipment and Building Division is to formulate specifications for purchase, rental, or lease on all equipment, buildings, and work on the grounds at all four complexes, and all maintenance of equipment, buildings, and grounds

Director of Buildings and Equipment 
616-242-6901 ext 6955 
Central Complex Foreman 
616-242-6901 ext 6990 
North Complex Foreman 
616-242-6901 ext 6903 
South Complex Foreman 
616-242-6901 ext 6906 
Accounting and Finance Division

The mission of the Finance Division is to provide its customers with excellent financial services and valuable information. The Finance Division responsibilities include all day-to-day financial transactions of the Road Commission including budgeting, accounting, purchasing, financing, information systems, and financial reporting.

Director of Finance 
616-242-6901 ext 6934 
Assistant Director of Finance - Accounting  
616-242-6901 ext 6986 
Assistant Director of Finance - Purchasing 
616-242-6901 ext 6928 
Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for employee relations, training, recruiting, benefit administration, worker's compensation and organization improvement.

Human Resources Manager  
616-242-6901 ext 6937 
Human Resources Coordinator 
616-242-6901 ext 6979 


What is a Road Commission?

County Maintained State Roads

The Kent County Road Commission under contract with MDOT maintains 1,139.11 single lane miles of State roads


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County Road Classifications

Primary roads are all paved and are the main arterials in the County.  Local roads are generally collectors and residential streets.  Of these miles, 44 miles are Natural Beauty Roads. There are 176 County bridges.

Primary Roads
660.70 miles
Local Roads
1,297.86 miles
Total Roads
1,958.56 miles


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County Sources of Revenue

The Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF) is the primary source of revenue for the Road Commission. The MTF is from fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees that are distributed through a formula. Additional revenue sources include grants and service contracts with other units of government. The Kent County Road Commission does not levy or collect any taxes.

County Pavement Surfaces

Paved Roads
1,635.32 miles
Gravel Roads
323.24 miles
Total Roads
1,958.56 miles


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